Ravi Rai

I am a professional video editor and videographer capable of offering the A to Z of your video production needs. You want a video to catch and hold the viewer’s attention.

There are two types of video projects: those for a business context, and those which are narrative in nature. The first is part of a marketing campaign, and the second, an artistic endeavour.

I can take care of both for you, from idea through execution to your professional video.

You may have your video shot and now want it to look as you envisioned while shooting. Or maybe you don’t have a specific plan, but would like to see where it can be taken creatively. If you need help in either case, I invite you to get in touch with me.

  • Video Editing: Product launches, interviews, real estate videos. Company promos, travel vlogs, weddings.
  • Video Production: Attention-getting, brand-focused videos.

In offering these services, I apply the principles of film editing, putting special focus on the following:

  1. Correction of on-location audio issues
  2. Colour correction to ensure frame consistency
  3. Correcting synchronization issues
  4. Adding unobtrusive titles
  5. Cutting interviews for minimal stalls or pauses
  6. Adding sound effects for a detailed sound bed in advertisements and short films
  7. Using B-roll and reaction shots to add more depth and substance

I am a passionate, detail-driven video editor and videographer with a creative focus involving all aspects of video production and editing.

Please see the linked videos for samples and quality of work.

I am looking forward to providing video-based solutions for your brand.